Monday, April 5, 2010


Fine, Blogger, you win.

Sand Dollar is my template. It has the most orange in it, and we all know that I am obsessed with all things orange.

I don't know why you won't let me have comments on my pretty blog, Blogger. I think it's pretty racist, actually. Well, I don't know if racist is the right word, but it's pretty darn mean. Every one else has a pretty blog and just because the only code I know is <>, I can't have comments? It's not fair.

That's right. It's not fair . There...I used my code.

But I will win, Blogger. After I work my next 3 twelve hour shifts I will have a day off, probably. And then I will email my bloggy friend Rae and ask her to help me and I will have comments once more.

Or I will keep this butt-ugly template. One or the other. But I will have comments!


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Finally! I was tempted to go to Marion Target and wait at the door till I figured out which shopper was you- just to give you a comment! ha!