Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We Interrupt This Challenge

It is almost 2 am but I just can't sleep. I only had to work 8 hours today so I was home by midnightish. I am sitting here in my pj's catching up on all the blogs out there and looking at my COMMENTS. That's right, I said COMMENTS. I kicked Blogger's ass, ya'll, and I am still high. Well, it could be the wine. If I leave you a rude or inappropriate comment, it's the wine. I'm sorry.

I'm noticing, though, that I am not like the other bloggers out there, and when they find out, I really hope that they let me stay and play. I must say that although I like to say I am open-minded and don't discriminate against anyone, I guess I really do have a certain idea about (crap, I don't know how to say this) "certain people". And these "certain people" that I tend to believe are stupid and narrow-minded and, most of all, not funny--well it's just not true. They are hilarious! In a good way. I always just assumed that I wouldn't like them and they wouldn't like me, but they keep reading my blog. Now, they may just be monitoring me for Sarah Palin, but maybe they can see past my liberal agnosticism.

Oops! Cat's out of the bag now!

Well, I just thought I would warn you now, before we get to the letter T(ea) post. Yes, I drink a little too much wine on occasion. And leave what I believe are witty (and hilarious) comments on blogs that I stumble upon. And I am really foul-mouthed, but I am trying to dial that back a notch or 10 so I don't offend you. Yeah, that's not gonna last.


Rae said...[Reply to comment]

I like the idea that you are unique! And sometimes, a little colorful language can say things better than a whole mess of goodie words!
Look at all the cool comments! You are on a roll!!!

Nf1andprek-whisper said...[Reply to comment]

i love your idea I love love the colors in your blog!!!! I am here to follow you after meeting arlee and his challenge, I am at

WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF POETRY: said...[Reply to comment]

It would be a poor world indeed if everyone was a carbon copy of everyone else. We're all unique so what's the problem.
Good luck with the challenge.

Lisa said...[Reply to comment]

I agree with Yvonne, if we were all the same, it would be a boring world indeed!

And a bit of wine is good for the stomach. :)

Caledonia Lass said...[Reply to comment]

Hehe! You can never judge a blog by the poster. :D

While there are times I worry about offending people (I really try not to offend people) I just can't help but be myself. I'm foul-mouthed, I'm blatantly honest and tend to piss people off because of my honesty... ::Whistles innocently:: Overall, I'm basically a decent person, very open minded and have a wide variety of tastes in lots of different things.
We like you for being you. :D