Thursday, March 31, 2011


I just couldn't resist. People love it when I blog out in the world on my iPad!

I am currently getting a pedicure at Hollywood Hair in Centralia, and they are kind enough to provide me with free wifi. Usually I just read on my iPad while I'm here, but that smutty werewolf novel I'm currently reading is kinda predictable so here I am, soaking my toes and blogging.

While I had me feet thrown up in the air last night, I noticed that they were kinda scruffy looking, so I thought I would treat myself (and my husband). Winning!

Huh, this weird spellchecky thing changed scrotty to scruffy. And just now it tried to change it to scepter. Bossy little iPad. Okay...see y'all tomorrow!

You People Are So Lucky

Since the A to Z Challenge starts tomorrow, I figured I better get all the nastiness out today and I was all prepared to tell y'all about my trip to the Lion's Den yesterday. Yes, I drove 50 miles to buy a "marital aid" because I have such a super awesome car, and it was just about time for school to let out, that I didn't dare go to the local smut emporium where a large portion of CHS would see said awesome car and tell Jr. all about what his mom was doing.

So, why are you all so lucky? Because I got a Powerful Woman Award this morning in my inbox, and I decided to blog about that instead. I have posted it proudly over there on the right. Just so you know, I lovelovelove awards. Well, that's not completely accurate; I lovelovelove badges. Please feel free to give me all your stinkin' badges, or permission to lift them off your blogs, and I will.

But I will email the smutty details to you if you want to know how I managed to drop $175 (ask nicely at!