Friday, September 7, 2012

For Rae

Ok, so I have been neglecting you and my blog. Here's a picture for you to explain what I've been so busy doing:

Yes, I was a draw something junkie. That lovely piece of artwork was sent to me by my son. While I was at a dance recital. It took like a minute and a half to unfold on my phone screen and I was hysterical by the time it was done. I did, though, guess beaver before he was kind enough to spell it out for me.

My new crack of choice is song pop:

See all the quitters? They can't handle my fabulousity. And I have to leave that shit up there until 7pm on Sunday so I can get my notes for kicking their asses. I also play words with friends (boring) and skywords. I love skywords so much that I signed up for a tournament and I am getting my ass handed to me by a bunch of hoity-toity brits that know way more fancy words than I do. I keep begging them to play me in song pop so I can redeem myself.

So there. I have been super busy all summer working 60 hours a week and hanging out in my hot tub trying not to drop my iphone.

If anyone wants a game, my username is christy.c.mooney!