Tuesday, August 25, 2009


You know, half the time I forget I even have a blog. I was signing up for this site called Mixing Bowl, which is basically a facebook for foodies, when I had to look up my blog for the url. That's sad, really. I don't even know my own url.

Anyway, I look it up, and I have a follower! And I don't think it is someone I know. Now I feel pressure to perform. But I will not let it frighten me! The night I set up my account I kept forwarding through the blogs until I found kunkkink and I started to follow her (mainly because the English was just so atrocious, I thought it was hilarious). Well, she never posted again. I hope it wasn't because of me. Surely I don't wield that kind of power. And if I do, I need to learn how to direct it toward the people I work with so they will do my bidding. Other than the 2 that already do.

Now I just have to come up with some awesome posts. I can't waste an entire post on the fact that I am now washing my hair again. That experiment was a total failure. My hair looked better for about a week and then it just looked dirty and I am too lazy to try and tweak my shampooing ritual to find out the best way to balance washing/not washing. I'm just gonna wash. And condition. And curl creme. And probably color it again. The red washed out pretty quick, and that was disappointing. Bruce Springsteen is never gonna leave that woman for me unless my hair is red--I just know it. I have until November 18 to get it right.

Oh, and I need to find my camera. I have a book shelf full of empty wine bottles that I need to document for posterity.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Confession

OK, don't judge me. I washed my hair today...for the first time in almost a week!

I know! Sounds gross, huh? Next thing you know I'm gonna go all Matthew McConaughey on your ass and stop using deodorant, too.

No, I read (in two separate places, no less) that not washing your hair was good for curly hair. Since my hair is getting curlier as I get older, I thought I would try it.

The first place I read it was on Bossy's blog. As I recall, it didn't work out too well for her. But she has really bad luck with her hair. Once she got highlights that she said made her hair look like it was having a period. Yes, menstrual blood highlights. One reader suggested she use olive oil in the shower for a hot oil treatment. That one didn't work out too well, either. She lives in Virginia, but goes all the way to New York City (New York City!) to get her hair cut. (He isn't the one who gave her menstrual blood highlights.) I would give my left titty; wait, no, I need that one. I would give my right titty for a New York City haircut. I would prefer it to be by Nick Arrojo. And he would tell me what kind of curl creme he uses on tv. I NEED that curl creme.

Anyway, I also read it in a Jennifer Crusie book called Bet Me. Yes, I like to take hair advice from paperback novels. I liked the book, so I thought I would give it a try.

This is not something I could have gotten away with when I was younger. I was much too oily for that. But now that my hair is downright crunchy, it couldn't hurt, right?

Right, as it turns out. Most days I just rinsed it really well with water. A couple of days I used some conditioner that I rinsed out. I went ahead and washed and conditioned it today because I have been at work for the last 3 days and I wanted to be completely sure that my hair didn't smell like a tire factory.

Overall, I was pleased with the outcome. My hair was soft and not too frizzy. My drugstore curl creme was performing as well as could be expected, since I don't know what Nick uses. And nobody asked me how long it had been since I washed my hair. My son would have been all over it if he had any inkling what was going on. I told absolutely no one...until now.

I think it could be doable. I just can't imagine never washing my hair ever again, though. But I should save a fortune on shampoo. Maybe I can splurge on some fancy conditioner--or curl creme. God, I want to know what he uses. Time to google.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Time to Purge

Sheesh, I think I forgot I even had a blog. I blame it on the cholesterol-lowering cocktail I am on, since that's what I blame everything on these days.

The most exciting news is that I am going to see Bruce Springsteen with bff Betsy. It should have been on Sept. 10, which was a totally cool day; now it is Nov. 18. That is not such a cool day, but whatcha gonna do? Not go?! At least when it was in Sept. I could say, "I can't go to my hs reunion because I am coming to Nashville on the 10th for the Springsteen concert." Now I just have to say, "Nope. The last one was lame. I'm not wasting my time again." And I mean no offense to the people who planned the last one. Everything was lovely, really. It's just that the people I really wanted to see didn't show up. It appears that some of them may actually go this time, but now we have facebook, so I don't really need to see them in person. Oh, and no one has actually asked if I'm going to be there, so my presence will not be missed. Sorta like hs all over again.

I think it is time to do a massive purge of the friend list on facebook. I would friend just about anybody at the beginning. Some of these people update constantly and I could really give a monkey's ass. But I have heard from some people I had given up ever hearing from, so that is totally cool. I just hate it when someone actually takes the time to seek me out then says nothing at all to me. I guess I am guilty of it to, but ex-boyfriends don't count! What would I ever say that wouldn't sound like I am stalking them, which I kinda am?

Ok, I have no pictures today; I don't even know where my camera is. The potent potable of the day is a white sangria slushy type concoction that came in a bucket that I mixed with a fifth of
Smirnoff. It's yummy! I also mixed up a bucket of Cranberry-Mandarin that I mixed with a fifth of Cranberry Finlandia. Quite a splurge for me. Tunes are once again the Elvis Costello channel of Pandora. I am about to fry up a mess of green tomatoes and start in on the Big Joe Super Show I taped Saturday night. This has been perfect use of a vacation day, I think.