Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Confession

OK, don't judge me. I washed my hair today...for the first time in almost a week!

I know! Sounds gross, huh? Next thing you know I'm gonna go all Matthew McConaughey on your ass and stop using deodorant, too.

No, I read (in two separate places, no less) that not washing your hair was good for curly hair. Since my hair is getting curlier as I get older, I thought I would try it.

The first place I read it was on Bossy's blog. As I recall, it didn't work out too well for her. But she has really bad luck with her hair. Once she got highlights that she said made her hair look like it was having a period. Yes, menstrual blood highlights. One reader suggested she use olive oil in the shower for a hot oil treatment. That one didn't work out too well, either. She lives in Virginia, but goes all the way to New York City (New York City!) to get her hair cut. (He isn't the one who gave her menstrual blood highlights.) I would give my left titty; wait, no, I need that one. I would give my right titty for a New York City haircut. I would prefer it to be by Nick Arrojo. And he would tell me what kind of curl creme he uses on tv. I NEED that curl creme.

Anyway, I also read it in a Jennifer Crusie book called Bet Me. Yes, I like to take hair advice from paperback novels. I liked the book, so I thought I would give it a try.

This is not something I could have gotten away with when I was younger. I was much too oily for that. But now that my hair is downright crunchy, it couldn't hurt, right?

Right, as it turns out. Most days I just rinsed it really well with water. A couple of days I used some conditioner that I rinsed out. I went ahead and washed and conditioned it today because I have been at work for the last 3 days and I wanted to be completely sure that my hair didn't smell like a tire factory.

Overall, I was pleased with the outcome. My hair was soft and not too frizzy. My drugstore curl creme was performing as well as could be expected, since I don't know what Nick uses. And nobody asked me how long it had been since I washed my hair. My son would have been all over it if he had any inkling what was going on. I told absolutely no one...until now.

I think it could be doable. I just can't imagine never washing my hair ever again, though. But I should save a fortune on shampoo. Maybe I can splurge on some fancy conditioner--or curl creme. God, I want to know what he uses. Time to google.