Tuesday, August 25, 2009


You know, half the time I forget I even have a blog. I was signing up for this site called Mixing Bowl, which is basically a facebook for foodies, when I had to look up my blog for the url. That's sad, really. I don't even know my own url.

Anyway, I look it up, and I have a follower! And I don't think it is someone I know. Now I feel pressure to perform. But I will not let it frighten me! The night I set up my account I kept forwarding through the blogs until I found kunkkink and I started to follow her (mainly because the English was just so atrocious, I thought it was hilarious). Well, she never posted again. I hope it wasn't because of me. Surely I don't wield that kind of power. And if I do, I need to learn how to direct it toward the people I work with so they will do my bidding. Other than the 2 that already do.

Now I just have to come up with some awesome posts. I can't waste an entire post on the fact that I am now washing my hair again. That experiment was a total failure. My hair looked better for about a week and then it just looked dirty and I am too lazy to try and tweak my shampooing ritual to find out the best way to balance washing/not washing. I'm just gonna wash. And condition. And curl creme. And probably color it again. The red washed out pretty quick, and that was disappointing. Bruce Springsteen is never gonna leave that woman for me unless my hair is red--I just know it. I have until November 18 to get it right.

Oh, and I need to find my camera. I have a book shelf full of empty wine bottles that I need to document for posterity.