Thursday, March 31, 2011

You People Are So Lucky

Since the A to Z Challenge starts tomorrow, I figured I better get all the nastiness out today and I was all prepared to tell y'all about my trip to the Lion's Den yesterday. Yes, I drove 50 miles to buy a "marital aid" because I have such a super awesome car, and it was just about time for school to let out, that I didn't dare go to the local smut emporium where a large portion of CHS would see said awesome car and tell Jr. all about what his mom was doing.

So, why are you all so lucky? Because I got a Powerful Woman Award this morning in my inbox, and I decided to blog about that instead. I have posted it proudly over there on the right. Just so you know, I lovelovelove awards. Well, that's not completely accurate; I lovelovelove badges. Please feel free to give me all your stinkin' badges, or permission to lift them off your blogs, and I will.

But I will email the smutty details to you if you want to know how I managed to drop $175 (ask nicely at!


Rae said...[Reply to comment]

You must really think we're stupid that we can't decipher your code! ha! "Marital Aid" is a lot nicer word, though. Thanks for being so discreet.
You never know when your kids might sneak a peek at Mom's blog...
$175 dollars! Gee Whiz, woman- olive oil and cucumbers are a lot cheaper!!
I hereby bestow upon you" The Smut Award!"

Chryifiwant2 said...[Reply to comment]

Where's my badge, Rae? You're artsy...make me a Smut Badge. Oh, and cucumbers make me burp. That would be embarrassing.

Rae said...[Reply to comment]

How do I send you an award?