Thursday, April 15, 2010

(M)esses of (M)s

I racked my brain trying to coming up with an (M). I am really starting to have to work too hard at this!

First (M) in honor of my birthday:

(M)edicine. Getting old is such a joy. Four pills each morning and seven (!) each night. It got embarrassing to have all those bottles lined up by the kitchen sink so I got one of these handy things. My cholesterol medicine is in there, as well as prilosec, melatonin, and glucosamine and chondroitin.

The second (M) on my mind today? This (M)ess:

The satellite installation people tried to walk me through troubleshooting why one of our remotes no longer changes channels in one of the bedrooms. They wanted me to check some connections. Uh, really? Which one? Nope, not that one. Uh-huh, not that one either. And now we can't change channels in either bedroom or the kitchen. So, they are coming back tomorrow. I just cleaned up for them 10 days ago; I'm good til Christmas. Sorry.

I originally thought about sharing some of my (M)usic and (M)ovie collection with you, but I actually have plans with a friend of mine to start a movie review blog, so that will have to wait:

That's not the entire collection but a pretty good representation. I personally like how you can see the bookcase in the background. I can see a flamingo there, as well as my trash. I'm too busy to take another one. I have to go (M)ow the dandelions--no picture, sorry.

Glad to see lots of people went to visit Out of my Head. One little shout out and she passes me in followers. Awesome. No, really, I'm happy for her.


Beth said...[Reply to comment]

Hey Darlin!

Well .... you shouted out and so I went to see her blog and after laughing hysterically I shouted out too. :)

Your follower numbers will grow. I've become somewhat addicted to seeing my numbers go up so I know how frustrating it can be. I've found that the best way to build them up is to get out there ... be a follower and comment. Let people know when you follow them and ask them to take a look at your blog. Humor seems to help too but you've got that one going for you already! :)

Hope your birthday was wonderful and that the hangover this morning and isn't too bad!

As for the meds ... just wait! I have 3 of those pill containers JUMBO sized. 7 or 8 Rxs and Vitamins and supplements. I'm afraid some times that I rattle when I walk.

Lisa said...[Reply to comment]

Nice mishmash of topics for the letter M!

I hope your birthday celebrations were lots of fun!

Caledonia Lass said...[Reply to comment]

What a great M post. Your Mess looks like all the wires hooked up to all the computers in my house. o.O
I look forward to your movie review blog. :D

Ellie said...[Reply to comment]

Great M post; love how you ended it with Mow! Doesn't everyone have a mess of wires like that?!

Rae said...[Reply to comment]

MAH-VE-LOUS! You are getting so sassy and fun with this blogging!