Monday, April 11, 2011


I just continue to entertain and amaze. First, I didn't write about my super-awesome car on C day. And today I will not write about my super-awesome iPad. Look, I missed the r in the link up there and I'm too lazy to fix it.

No, today it really is all about I I I! Because it's my birthday week!!  Yay!!

Yes, I am an only child; why do you ask? 


Okay, I like wine, and chocolate, and cheese, and flamingos, and haikus. And anything UT related. No, not Utah, University of Tennessee. (Oof, that's my first-ever blog post; wow.)

I will be waiting for all the presents and what-not on Thursday...aka the day the Titanic sunk and Lincoln was shot (I believe; something happened to him on April 14).


Rae said...[Reply to comment]

I like all those things you mentioned, too- except for the Tennessee thing...
Want to get together Friday for a chocolate latte and a chunk of birthday cake?
I'll email you.

Jingle said...[Reply to comment]

fun thoughts, thanks for sharing..

nutschell said...[Reply to comment]

well a happy birthday to you! i hope your bday wishes come true. you have a fun blog here and im glad i discovered it through the az.

Michelle in a shell said...[Reply to comment]

Happy birthday week to you!!!!!!!!! BTW I'm super jealous of your iPad.. Hopefully someone will get me one for my birthday ;)

Tracy Jo said...[Reply to comment]

Happy birthday week! I am the youngest child so totally get it. :-)