Thursday, April 21, 2011

Responsible Drinking

I really miss those days when it wasn't the biggest sin in the world to drive around in your car drinking beer. On Fridays, after work,my friend Mary and I would go to the blind school and spring her sister, Miss Dorothy. She'd climb into the backseat with her portable casio keyboard and we would head to the Pilot or Aztec and each get a 6 pack. Then we would drive around in the country and drink our beers and sing old motown songs. Eventually we would have to find a place to pee. I bet I have peed in almost every church parking lot in Rutherford County, Tennessee. Then we would go home to our stupid (now ex) husbands and resume our dreary lives. But for that hour or so every Friday night we were blissfully happy, and I miss those girls so much.


doreen said...[Reply to comment]

Those were the days! Jeeze you practically feel like a criminal having a beer in your own house these days...
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Arlee Bird said...[Reply to comment]

Rutherford County doesn't sound much different than Blount County where I was. We were doing a bit more than drinking, but we did it safely and responsibly if there is such a thing. At least no one ever got hurt and we always made it home safely, though sometimes stupidly. We had good times in East Tennessee as well.

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