Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Promenade and Do-Si-Do

Okay, first the bad news...a young riesling lost it's life in my kitchen tonight. I was about 18 inches from the table and the dang bag broke and wine went every. where. Everywhere. Criminy what a mess. And sticky. And sad and heartbreaking cuz it was 1.5 liters and I was gonna drink that badboy. A moment of silence, please.

And now? Prom!

Yes, he is a special boy who hates having his picture taken. Has nothing to do with his alcohol-addled mother who turns the camera off instead of taking the picture.

I swear to god, he makes that face every time I try to take his picture! Stoopid digital cameras have that delay and I push the button and he looks normal, and then he makes that face & the camera snaps.

See, that boy doesn't have a job anymore and that friggin' tux cost $120 to rent (thank god he already had those awesome shoes) and the flowers were $30, and tickets were $65, and oh my god, I'm not buying you dinner, too, am I? No, I threw 2 sheets over the card table and went to big lots and got a table cloth, placemats, and napkins (because I don't own any of those things) and slapped some LED tea candles in a jar of glass discs and VOILA! Dinner at Chez Christy.

He is sticking his tongue out because I am taking his picture. He took off all his clothes and Alexx is in one of my lab coats from work. Oh, when he came back from picking her up and saw the transformed front room, aka Chez Christy, he said, "Lame, Mom." Knife through the heart. I slaved over fettuccine alfredo and rhubarb cheesecake after getting up at 1:50 in the morning to go to work early so I could leave early to go to big lots to buy all that crap and be lame. Awesome.

And yet I still let him drive my car. Crazy, I know.

But I think he had a good time.


Rae said...[Reply to comment]

For a whino- you are such a good mama! The whole dinner thing just tugged at my heart strings! You've gotten some big points in Heaven now, sister!
Your boy is handsome and his date is cute. Love her dress! But- really- you let him take that awesome Christy car??!!
Don't you wish it would have been the ChocoVin to get busted instead of your good stuff?

Siv Maria said...[Reply to comment]

Well what do expect from white wine :)

Michelle in a shell said...[Reply to comment]

Lame is code for "awesome"! What nice things to do- and what a handsome son! Hope he had fun :)