Friday, April 22, 2011

Shampoo and Sh!t

For a not very pretty woman, I have a lot of hair stuff.
I have 22 kinds of shampoos and conditioners. And most of it is not the cheap stuff, though I have my fair share of that, too.
And then there are the sprays and gels and oils and serums (17). I personally paid for Paul Mitchell's vacation home in the south of France last year.

I seriously considered calling off from work last Wednesday because we didn't have any power. Our water heater is gas so I took my shower by lantern light and was in the process of packing up a small percentage of my stash, including my ion hair dryer with diffuser, so I could get ready in the shower room at work when power was restored. So I loaded my hair up with product and hurried to the living room to watch an episode of Scrubs before I dried my hair and got dressed. It takes 22 minutes if you fast forward through the commercials.


Rae said...[Reply to comment]

I'm cheap. Give me some good smelling Suave and some conditioner and I'm satisfied.
It's the hair coloring that gets into my pocket every few weeks1

Auto Title Loans said...[Reply to comment]

How on Earth do you accumulate that much hair product? I know I'm all about testing and new products, but never all at once. I commend you- and your dedication to the product!