Thursday, November 5, 2009

You Reap What You Sow

Attention drivers in the Jefferson/Washington County area:

I am in a 1 ton yellowish GMC flatbed truck pulling a rusty grain wagon. The clutch is marginal and the brakes are touchy as all get out. It is a 3 speed and as much as I would like to go the speed limit, 45 is all we got. Please feel free to pass me, as long as it is not in a no pass area. They are no pass zones for a reason, people. Oh, and I need a llllooooottttt of room to get out of the elevator drive.

I just realized that my husband can probably figure out how much I weigh by looking at the elevator ticket. I guess I need to load up some spare seed corn bags and combine parts. He has to know that I can't possible weigh 700 pounds (or I would have my own special on the Discovery Channel).