Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday, Monday

Well, today I go back to work. Not that riveting a topic.

I have a draft of a post I wrote yesterday all about how I hate facebook, but it took a strange turn and ended up being a little too personal. I'm not sure how that happened. Honestly, I'm too afraid to post it. I go back to work!

I feel like being all junior high about it and pout because only my 2 weekend coworkers called to check on me during this whole 6 weeks. Everyone got all upset because they thought I wasn't coming back today. No one even bothered to call me and ask (except my supervisor). My 2 boys knew the answer, but in true QA Lab fashion, they didn't tell anyone else. They enjoyed watching them all twist in the wind. God love 'em.

I did get a little blog maintenance completed this weekend. Cleaned up the tags, read a little Blogging for Dummies. Did you know that you can audioblog? Or just post audio clips in your blog? I didn't. If I had known that I would have made a clip of me and BFF singing karaoke when she was here. Our rendition of Kodachrome was awe-inspiring (or maybe just awful; if I had a clip of it I would know).


Christine said...[Reply to comment]

Was there any biting? Interested to hear how the first day back was!