Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Drama

The day before I had my surgery back in September we had some Drama.

I have seen other bloggers grapple with the privacy issue in the past and had discussed it with my kids before I decided to post. My daughter says I can use her name and pictures and everything, she is all for internet notoriety of the not-naked kind. My son said he didn't care, no one was going to read it anyway. Well, he is mostly right.

But now something has happened in our house that makes me rethink my stance. Somebody did something that they shouldn't have and it would make an excellent post--to read. It would be hard to write and could maybe affect someone later in life, or at least be embarrassing.

So, one of the kids did something. At the time I thought it was awful and I cried and yelled and carried on. It just took me by surprise because my kids really are good kids; well-behaved, respectful (mostly;they both have wise mouths on them--don't know where they get it--but they know when to behave), good students. Then I realized that it wasn't really so huge in the grand scheme of things. It was a youthful indiscretion, one they won't be quick to repeat after they saw how nuts it made me.

The fact that it took place the night before my surgery was the real kicker. I know it sounds crazy since I write this blog where I sometimes share personal things, but I tend to be rather private. My coworkers might disagree because I have been known to share a little too much of my sex life, and they all knew that I peed my pants every time I sneezed twice. But there are plenty of goings-on I never divulged. No one in my extended family even knew I was having surgery. I went by myself and that was how I wanted it. So when the Drama hit I only called one person, BFF. I had already come to the conclusion I was overreacting and she confirmed it. She was more bothered by the child's stupidity in getting caught in the misdeed. She thought that any child of mine should be able to sneak around better. I had to admit that the circumstances were pretty funny. So I told BFF, the child in question told one person, the other child told 2 people, and my husband told no one. He is the king of privacy.

So, the first real grounding took place in our household. Two long weeks. It worked out well for me because I couldn't lift anything after my surgery, or bend or stoop, so I had my own personal valet at my beck and call. The 2 weeks were served with absolutely no backtalk or negotiations. The child was apologetic and eager to please. At the end of the sentence I believed we would never have another transgression. That is probably naive of me. But so far, so good.