Thursday, June 18, 2009

Picture Overload

There are a couple of things to note on this bottle. First is Nouveau. According to Al Gore's Interwebs, the first bottling of the beaujolais season is the Nouveau and Beaujolais Nouveau day is the 3rd Thursday in November, making the B.N. perfect for Thanksgiving. You are supposed to drink it right away. So kindly note the 2007 on the bottle. Ummm. The first sip was--okay.
The second was icky. Yes, there is cork in my glass, but it didn't help. Oh, you may also notice the $6.99 price tag from the clearance barrel at the liquor store. I was so proud of myself. I promptly ordered Wine for Dummies. 75 cents on And I just realized there is no cent sign on the keyboard. There used to be, I am sure, when I learned to type on a Selectric. I bet it was on the 6 key. I don't know what that thing is on the 6 now, but I never ever use it. I would, however, use a cent sign. Occassionally.

Ahh, my fridge:

Why 2 box o' wines, you ask? That one on the left will run out, probably sooner rather than later, and those bad girls take a while to chill. Why 2 kinds of milk, you ask? Boy, you're nosy.
The skim milk (blue cap) we drink. The whole milk (red cap) is the goat's milk. No, not goat milk. Milk for the goat to drink. Her name is Tinkerbell and her mama is a bitch. It's just a little mastitis. I know it hurts, but dang. The other 2 kids died right away. We've been bottle feeding her for about 3 weeks or so now. She's a sweetie. And when I say we, I mean that I did it for the first week or so, but school is out and Chris is already up at 7. And my husband has this special rapport with goats, so she really enjoys getting her night feeding from him. And, the last time I did it it had been raining forever and (true farm girl I am) I wore my crocs out there and wound up with a foot full of juicy goat poo/mud. < shiver>

Can't get much more generic than this one. Yes--4 discs of 70's rock, but they are all alternate versions; not the ones you heard on the radio. So you know them, but not exactly. I got a whole box of cd's in the mail today. My 2 weeks of unemployment will be put to good use, I am sure!