Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Miss my Dad

With all this unemployed crap going on, I really miss having my dad around to give me advice. He would understand all the corporate-speak going on now, although he was more fluent in the Italian version. He still understood the German-version that I am getting. I never asked him for advice when I had the chance, and now I really, really need it. I can't believe it has been almost 4 years. I still think I see him sometimes. It's weird. And sad, because my mom has been gone for, omg, just about 14 years, and the only time I think I see her is when I look at old photos of myself. But, I see older men in town and something about them reminds me of him. And I just get so sad.

I was all boohoo writing this, but the dvr just switched over to the Big Joe Polka Show, and, well, you just can't be sad when there is polka music on! I need another cup o'wine and a good polka, that's what I need. I hope that hot guy in the leiderhosen is on tonight. No one plays a dulcimer quite like him!