Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well, first things first, I sure did post a lot of videos there toward the end, didn't I? Kind of cheating...but I didn't have to pull out the "POST" post, so it all evens out I think.

Today I will be making carnitas. I'm really excited about it. I saw someone making them a couple of weeks ago on the food network and I was really intrigued. Boiling pork in lard? Genius! That's like deep-fried bacon (something else I would like to try!). Then when we went to Tequila's the last time I tried them and they WERE fabulous. This was a major accomplishment for me because I am a dyed in the wool chicken chimichanga girl. They only time I veered off the strict chimichanga path was when I ordered a combo once that had a chimichanga and some other stuff on it. I just may be a carnitas girl now.

I will skip the guacamole but make the pico de gallo. I may even taste it. I don't like's a consistency thing. They are just too squishy. But I have all the ingredients and I'm gonna try. I think a picture may be in order.

Oy, I never know where my camera is. Update tomorrow!