Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holly Jolly Christmas

It is so hawt up in my house. No, really. My oven has been on all day and it is like 68 degrees in here. I may be dying. Not really, but it's really, really hawt.

I don't even know what I accomplished all day with my oven on. I seem to recall a pumpkin roll. It looked good. Oh, and of course there was the traditional Christmas enchiladas. But I also made the most disgusting oatmeal-butterscotch-cream cheese bars. They are truly dreadful. They looked simple enough; they even called themselves "easy" (don't we all?). But they needed to be pulsed in the food processor and mine was just too small. I tried...really I did. Then I tried the blender and that was a complete disaster. Finally I threw it in the mixmaster and hoped for the best. Well, I didn't get the best, that's for darn sure. Yuck. Finished the night with three pans of chocolate chip cookies...the refrigerator roll kind. Did you know that wax paper smokes really bad in the oven? Well, it does. I ran out of parchment paper and used wax paper instead. And the cookies stuck to it. Must be all that wax. Huh.

Since my younguns are not so young anymore, our Christmas celebrations are already done here. We have a family to-do half a mile from here at the ungodly hour of 9 am. I'm putting a 5 hour stew in my new enamel-coated cast iron dutch oven before we leave so we have a built in excuse to leave after 4 hours, because that's when I need to add the potatoes!

If I knew how to get the pictures off my blackberry I would show you the diamond(esque) earrings my man got me. They are beautamous and they made me cry. Not tear up, mind you; for reals cry. He always gets me the best presents and gives them to me in weird ways so I have no idea what I am getting. A few years ago he got me a satellite radio (that also made me cry) after lecturing me about how he would never pay to listen to the radio. He still doesn't understand it but I listen to that thing all the time. And he has enjoyed it on the few long trips we have taken, too. But these earrings are da bomb. And it shows that he listens to me. Every time I see a rapper or nfl player on tv I remark how unfair it is that a boy has nicer earrings than me. And with these I don't have to worry about losing one (cause I lose a LOT of earrings).

Oh, one last thing. Tonight marks my second successful night of being back in the box of w(h)ine and staying off of fb and just generally not embarrassing myself! Go me!