Saturday, December 12, 2009

Back By Popular Demand

I've been gone...did you miss me?

It's been kind of depressing around here, what with the unenjoyment and everything. But guess who got called out to work this morning. That's right. The Big Man. Yay!

I had another one of my binges last week. Slightly more disastrous than the last one (when am I going to learn to stay off fb when drunk?); luckily I don't really remember much and I've quit digging into the rubble trying to figure out the lost couple of hours. Upside is I have a new keyboard. Says it is spillproof right on the box.

The dog is still sleeping in the house at night, but I don't know how long that is going to last. I awoke this morning (nevermind what time) to find him asleep on the couch. Had his head on the pillow and everything. And that is precisely where I found him when I got home from work tonight.

I am a terrible housekeeper, ya'll. You can't even call what I do--or more accurately what I don't do--housekeeping. But I can NOT have a stinking, drooling 90 pound dog sleeping on my couch.

Even I have my limits.

Except where wine is concerned evidently.


Rae said...[Reply to comment]

I need a new keyboard, too. Except mine is just worn out. My "N" and "M" and "S' are completely faded off.Sucks when you can't type without looking, anyway. Is that an N or an M? Who kmows?