Thursday, June 3, 2010

June Troika

Thursday, June 3, 2010
Define "freedom."

Oh that Fussy.  How does she come up with these things?

It's too hard.  I don't get too serious here.

Sheesh.  I've written and re-written.  I don't know.

Being fortunate enough to be born here, freedom is something I take for granted.  I can't imagine living in a place where I couldn't pick up a newspaper and read about what a schmuck my ex-governor is.  I also can't imagine living in a place where I wasn't given the opportunity to vote for said schmuck not just once, but twice.  Not only was I given that opportunity but I availed myself of it.  You're welcome, America.

I can put on a pair of daisy dukes, drink a beer, and go outside and shoot a gun.  Not all women can do that.  Isn't that sad?  This is truly a great country.

I hope tomorrow is easier.


Beth said...[Reply to comment]

I can't fit INTO Daisy Dukes and if I could ... no one should have to witness it!

Which governor?

Aunt Buckethead said...[Reply to comment]

Daisy. Dukes. Really?