Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Need Your Steenking Badges!

Hey, blogaholics!  This nice lady told me how to add badges to my blog!  I already added two...see them right over there on the right?  So, if you have some badges you're not using or would like to get rid of, give them to me!  I'll stick 'em up over there.  I don't care what they are.  Well, that's not entirely true.

We should totally start a freecycle for blog badges!


WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF POETRY: said...[Reply to comment]

Hi I have some but to be perfectly honest I don't know how to get them from my pc to your blog.
I have only just learned how to put them on my blog from other people.

arlee bird said...[Reply to comment]

Congratulations! You learned something new. I've been learning so much lately my head's about to explode. Hey, that Challenge Winner badge looks very nice! I'll dig through my closets and drawers and see if I can find anything to send you.

Tossing It Out

Beth said...[Reply to comment]

You are so funny! I'm glad you're enjoying your badges!

Cheeseboy said...[Reply to comment]

Congratulations on the sunshine award! Beth gave me one too and that is what brought me here. I love your style. Very funny stuff.

arlee bird said...[Reply to comment]

Okay I found you another one. Check my Wednesday Post and you'll see some kind of cupcake award that is for you. But don't forget to play the silly little game.

Tossing It Out

aunt buckethead said...[Reply to comment]

Ok, there, missy. Lets see if you really read your comments. You loooove that chocolate fountain, ohhh yes you do! And this time I'm bringing you......LAUNDRY! Yay me! And you writes real pretty and stuff (I was gonna say shit, but your followers are nicer'n me and I didn't want you to gets in trouble.) And we got coverage on CNN so I am calmer now.

Chryifiwant2 said...[Reply to comment]

Of course I read my comments! I am glad one of us is calm...May Fete is causing my hormones to act up. I will mix up a batch of laundry detergent for you in the morning and we can do laundry and drink hard lemonade in the afternoon. Yes, you read that correctly. I make my own laundry detergent now.