Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hello Poppets!  I haven't forgotten you, I've just been busy with all this graduation nonsense.  Oh, and I got a wii for Mother's Day and I've been playin' the hell out of it.  Seriously.  My shoulder hurts from all the bowling and tennis.

But today was the big day and now I am left here all alone to drink my box o' wine and cry because my daughter just stormed out of the house, slamming all the doors, because I won't let her spend the night at her boyfriend's house. That's stupid! she screamed.

Oh, well.  That wasn't the first time (by far) and evidently will not be the last time she will scream at me.  At least the outbursts are fewer and further between.

Other than that we had a lovely house got cleaned in between wii games and I cooked enough food for the county.  My neighbors stopped by and came inside my house for the first time in 13 years.  My grandparents and aunt came all the way from Iowa.  Only 3 important people were missing and I didn't cry once because of it (until now).


I'm back to 60 hour work weeks starting tomorrow but I am ready to give my new blogging schedule a go.  Hope to be chatting with you fine folks soon.  I have wine to drink and four and a half hours of LOST to watch.  See you soon.


Beth said...[Reply to comment]

Hugs to you, Mom! You'll get a lot smarter when she has kids of her own. Hang in there!

60 Hour Work weeks sound horrible ... except for the resultant paychecks!

I am still 3 or 4 episodes behind on LOST so I'll watch the finale online once I get caught up.

WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF POETRY: said...[Reply to comment]

I've had a WII for nearly 2 years. I love the bowling and tennis also, I also enjoy the WII fit I can manage some of the excercises.
An easy thing to get hooked on.

Have fun.

Rae said...[Reply to comment]

I got a Wii for Christmas and did the Fit thing...for awhile. I rarely turn it on anymore. BUT, I did just get my Netflix to stream through the Wii. Haven't gotten the chance to play with it much, but it looks awesome!
Glad you're back!