Monday, March 1, 2010

Next Blog>

Who decides the next blog you see when you click that link at the top of the page?

First I get a lot of SAHM zealots, which, yay for you...where's that link?

Um, Italian.


Pretentious "godless homosexual" in Columbia MO. Not as witty as he thinks he is.

Chinese popstar fansite.

Italian football team. Hubba hubba.

Viva Cuba! Isn't it against the law for me to be here? Don't we still hate Cuba?

There was a really cute one but it was all about her poor mother's rapidly declining health. Very sad.

Last time I got to clicking around it was a lot of Portuguese sites. Another time it was Arab. They are interesting to look at but I don't understand a thing.

Well, people probably feel that way about my blog, too, huh?

(I was supposed to be about my 3 pieces of fiesta ware. Maybe tomorrow.)