Thursday, February 25, 2010

Meet Fred

Fred was my Valentine's Day present this year.

I have an awesome husband, in case you didn't know. He indulges my inner white-trash obsession with pink flamingos.

I am sitting in a room that is maybe 12 feet by 15 feet and there are one, two, SEVEN flamingos in here. And two more outside on the porch.

Three of these were gifts from my friends Beth and Susan. Most recently Susan got me a pair of plastic flamingos that I couldn't possibly put outside. It's not because I'm afraid of what the neighbors would think (fuck them). No, the dogs would chew them up. So my wonderful, handy husband mounted (heh...I said mounted) them in wood blocks. Wood blocks that he painted pink! And they live atop the shelf of my desk that you can see there in the picture. You can also see 1 of 4 power strips that live in this room. I have a lot of crap.

And yes, I just happen to have some pink paint laying around the house because I picked out the most atrocious trio of paint from Lowe's last winter and my husband and kids painted my kitchen for me. The trim is pink. More accurately, the trim is fruit punch. I hate it. As soon as he gets back to working those long-ass days I am going to go buy some more paint and change it. I didn't think everyone else would like to look at an orange and turquoise kitchen so I picked a soft yellow and what turned out to be lavender. Hideous. I can maybe live with the yellow, but I am going to change the lavender to turquoise and the fruit punch trim will become orange. Tang perhaps...just swap one fruity beverage for another. And it probably sounds even more hideous than it really is. The only thing painted yellow and lavender is the crappy paneling around the bulkhead above the cabinets. The walls are still white. The fruit punch trim goes all the way around the ceiling.

Why these colors you ask? I don't really know, other than these are the colors of the fiesta ware that I dearly want but do not have. I spend hours on amazon looking at all of the ridiculously priced fiesta ware, dreaming. Dreaming of the day when they will live in my kitchen. Living in my kitchen in their own special cabinet. Their own special cabinet that does not exist. It's my dream, remember?

I do actually have 3 pieces--I know what my next post is about!