Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Feel Vindicated

I've been struggling lately. You see, I've been wondering if maybe I am crazy. But, then I think that the fact that I am even capable of wondering if I am crazy or not is proof that I am not crazy.

See, I have been having these thoughts, just random thoughts, of crashing my car. You know, running into oncoming traffic or slamming into a guard rail or something along those lines. It doesn't happen a lot, but it is increasing in number.

And it doesn't really scare me, not like the time that I had the thought that I would just like to go to sleep and never wake up. Just sleep forever and ever. That one scared me and I went to the doctor I was seeing for my back injury and he told me that the douche quack that put me on antidepressants to raise my pain level tolerance (which is actually quite high on it's own) should have either kept me on them or helped me get off them, not just quit prescribing them. Dr. Douche:  don't go see him.

But today I read that The Bloggess has these thoughts of driving off cliffs and bridges and she is probably the sanest person I (don't really) know. So, there you have it...I'm not crazy. And I suddenly want Mexican food.


Arlee Bird said...[Reply to comment]

That's kind of scary. Not that you've had those thoughts, but that I've had them too. I guess we're all just normal, if normal means being a bit nuts.

Tossing It Out

Rae Frazier said...[Reply to comment]

Stop it! I don't want to hear that kind of stuff!
I want to hear that you are loving that super green car, your new computer, fresh wine, and life is great!!
I absolutely love my wine glass and partake in a sip or two on Friday nights. OMG! It's Friday! Gonna break out the vino and think of you... Stay on the road, you crazy lady! I kinda like you. (In a friend/stalker kind of way, of course!) :) Have a great weekend!

Rae Frazier said...[Reply to comment]

I realize you probably don't read these comments regularly- because you don't blog regularly-(lol) But- thought I'd give you a heads up that your package should be arriving soon. It's just a thank you for making me realize I needed to get my mammogram- and luckily things turned out okay. But they could have been worse!
Plus- even though we've never met- I consider you a friend. Please call me if you ever feel like wrecking your car or sharing a box of wine! Take care!