Saturday, October 3, 2009



Yes, that's when the game comes on. You know. The Game.

It's sad, really, but when you live out in the boonies you have to make your own entertainment. I usually work every weekend so my homies are forced to entertain themselves. But since I recently had surgery, I will be home for the next 5 glorious weeks! And that means that I am the entertainment.

There are certain things that would never be watched on our tv. But if I want to watch The Big Joe Polka Show they will let me. Then they will watch me. And laugh. But I don't care, 'cause Momma loves her some polka music.

They also never, ever watch sports, except for the occasional NASCAR race (aka nap time) and sometimes the super bowl. But tonight, at 6;45, for the first time since I don't know when, I can watch my beloved Tennessee Volunteers on tv. And they will hopefully win.

My family, meanwhile, will be tuned in to ChristyTV. They will laugh and point and roll their eyes when I yell at the tv. They will pretend to ignore me when I sing Rocky Top at the top of my lungs every time The Pride of the Southland Marching Band breaks into song. But inside I know they will be singing along.

See, most kids learn the alphabet song or Twinkle Twinkle for their first song. Not my kids. The first song they learned was Rocky Top. (The second song was You Never Even Called Me By My Name by David Alan Coe--true story). And they will root along side me. All the while mocking me. It's what we do. And I love it.


Rae said...[Reply to comment]

Sounds like fun! I'll take your version of Rocky Top any day over cleaning the garage!