Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Don't Love Red!

I don't love red so much, except in wine.

There will be no pictures today...because my hair is RED. I flirted with the concept on Thursday. Evidently I decided plain ole auburn was too boring so I picked up a box of "intense auburn" aka "Sweet Pepper" according to the Garnier Fructis people. Oh. My. GOD!!!! On the upside? My hair smells awesome. On the downside? It looked like I massacred someone in the shower. Who's gonna clean it up is what I want to know.

This is much more interesting than Edifi, which is what today's topic was going to be. Oy, don't get me started.

Today's wine was a Rosato I had a free sample of at Olive Garden. Excellent, and free! It was actually $31 a bottle at the restaurant. Ridiculous.

And tuneage was Hey There Delilah which I heard twice today; once on the way to St. Louis and once on the way home. After Edifi had made me cry. But that is another post altogether.

So, tomorrow I return to work, after my 6 week hiatus, with red hair.

Sweet Pepper!